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Thank you for making Mrs. Olson's Lefse a part of your holiday tradition.  We are making lefse every day (Monday-Friday) and are sending orders out as quickly as possible.  Most orders placed today will be sent out on Dec 16th and 17th, which will allow time to receive before Christmas.  

Any order placed after December 16th is not guaranteed to deliver before Christmas.  We will send out promptly, but we can not promise delivery.  For expedited shipping rates, call the office - 800-227-6442.

Orders are sent out as received and we ship via UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail.  We send orders all over the USA and Canada.  

Thank you for your interest in Mrs. Olson's Lefse.  We are a family owned business and have been making lefse since 1959.  We'd be happy to make an order for you!  Click on the order lefse button and we'll get rolling!