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Enjoy lefse year round!

Mrs. Olson's LEFSE or Lefsa (lef'­sa) is a traditional, Scandinavian, potato based, soft flat bread. 

Lefse dough is rolled very thin and baked on a hot, dry griddle. 

Mrs. Olson's LEFSE is a Scandinavian delight and very versatile. 

Serve it up the traditional way! Spread your lefse with butter and roll it up. 

Serve it sweet! Spread your lefse with butter and sprinkle on a little sugar or sugar and cinnamon. 

Serve it up for lunch! Lefse makes a great on ­the ­go snack. Roll it up with your favorite lunch meats and cheeses. 

Get moving with lefse! Pop a lefse snack in your backpack, it will not "crush" like other breads. 

Lefse is healthy. Our lefse is cholesterol free, with low sodium and low fat. Canola oil shortening helps make Mrs. Olson's lefse a tasty, soft treat. 

Stays fresh! Mrs. Olson's Lefse comes in a resealable bag and can be kept at room temperature for up to 2 weeks.  Lefse will tend to dry out, so for longer storage
 place in refrigerator or in freezer.

Stores frozen up to 6 months.  

Our lefse is best at room temp or slightly heated in microwave (about 5-10 seconds!)

lefse recipe

Product information

Nutritional information for large package of lefse (15.8 oz)

nut for large pkg_edited.jpg

Nutritional information for small package of lefse (9.6 oz)

nut 6 pieces_edited_edited.jpg

Mrs. Olson's Lefse is not gluten-free

Contains wheat, milk

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